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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 8-27-2005 at 2:08am
Current mood: hopeful
Kind of on a high from a fun evening.

I took a nap after class, because I was really tired from yesterday. I'll get into what happened yesterday after I explain what happened today. So I woke up Will woke me up shortly after two to look up a phone number for him. He still has no internet. I resisted the urge to go back to sleep and stayed up. I went to Orange and Blue textbooks with Hilary and her friends to pick up some stuff for classes. When we got back she went to temple with her friends, and I haven't seen her much since. Honestly, that's fine with me. I've talked to Rachel about this a few times. It's not that I don't like Hilary. We get along fine. It's just that a lot of times when I come home I hope she's not in here. I just think I'm really independent, and it's hard to be with someone constantly. I just like to be able to sit at my computer or watch TV or listen to music without worrying if it's too loud, or whatever. Again, it's absolutely nothing personal against her, it's totally me. Luckily, she likes to stay out late, so most nights she doesn't come home until I'm asleep.

After she left I went out into the Kitchen where Phil, Sagni, Nina, Jon and George were. Apparently Sagni had rolled a black and mild, and was totally toasted. He had the munchies worse than anyone I had ever seen. By the time I got out there he had made two bags of popcorn, and was using both microwaves in the kitchen to simultaneously pop two more bags. He was shoveling that popcorn so fast into his mouth, and Phil was just losing it. He thought it was the most hilarious thing he'd ever seen. It was sooo fun hanging out in there because it was just so funny. Sagni regaled us with stories of his former career as a professional poker player. Some people left to the gym I think. I don't remember. But anyway, Nina, Sagni, Kris and I went into Nina's room and watched American Pie. Rachel came home, and we ordered some five star. Good deal, large pizza, garlic rolls, and a 2 liter soda for $13. And they deliver right to the dorm. Excellent. Afterwards we sat around and talked a bit, then decided to go out. We wanted to go bowling, but we recruited a lot of people along the way who wanted to go to the midnight breakfast over at the Reitz. There was a large line. But it was fun. It was me, Nina, Rachel, Stefan, George, Lauren, Peggy, and another group of people who sat at another table. We had an awesome time sitting there talking until we got kicked out by the cops. We got home at about two and went into George and Stefan's room to listen to George's crazy song about Kentucky. "Where the sky is blue and the grass is too." It was just a really fun day. Very college-y. Now I'm just kinda sitting here watching Family Guy.

Yesterday was not so much fun. I walked all over the campus about 8 times going to and from class, and trying to track down an advisor to switch my chem class. Luckily I got the class. The only problem is I have first hour wednesday discussion. It's ok, it's only one day. Thursdays are freaking busy though. I think it won't be so bad once the classes actually start taking up their allotted time, but right now they end so early that I can't just sit around, because it's so hot. So I walk back home for an hour, then walk back out to my next class. I have four classes Thursdays, one of which is three hours long.

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed, so I'm not so exhausted tomorrow.
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