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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2005 at 5:12pm
Current mood: sleepy
Yesterday was a lot of fun too. Let's see....I woke up a little after 2, then went out shopping with Will. I had to get some things at Publix and I also needed to return my chem 2046 books and get a chem 2045 book. The thing that sucks is there's this thing called OWL included with the book that has a registration code and whatnot, so you can't buy the book used. Well, I guess you could, but it's less expensive to get a new book than it is to get a used book and purchase an OWL separately. New chem books are $164. Boo. Luckily, Will, the master of finding cheap books, saw an opened book sitting on the shelf. Inside the front cover, an unopened OWL. The book was marked used, but was clearly just opened, because the OWL was unopened. Opened chem book, $123. Saved $41. So then after returning the other books, it only cost me $78 more for this book. I think I have all my books now except one for my honors class and my stats book. I still have not decided whether or not I'm going to actually buy the stats book. It says in the syllabus that you need the 5th edition, which means you have to buy it new for $112, and that it comes with a CD of some sort. I'm hoping that you don't actually need the CD for any sort of grade-y reason. Because I am so done with spending money on books. I have spent probably $250 so far. And I still have to buy that honors book from the publisher, and subscribe to a magazine for $45. I feel like Charlie Brown. UGGGGHH!

Anyway, after the bookstore I went to Publix and spent another $50 buying groceries. :( College is so expensive. I am just really getting tired of worrying about it. Like I spent so much time thinking about how free it was to go to UF, and it's not free at all! Just because I'm not paying tuition and rent doesn't mean I'm not spending money. This is a new concept.

When I got home I went out to dinner with Hilary and some of her friends from high school. We went to Moe's and I had a really good burrito. "This burrito is good, but it is filling." When we got back we went over to the Westside and played Cranium. I was on a team with Andrew and Tory, and we lost. Miserably. But that's ok. They decided to go bowling, and I declined an invitation to join. I think I had just reached my limit. I like meeting new people, but it's hard to hang out when I'm the only new person there. They all know each other from high school, and it's difficult to really be part of the group. So I just decided to come back to the dorm and see what would arise over here. I was watching a bit of Phantom of the Opera and talking to my mom when Nina, Rachel, Lauren, and Peggy went out into the kitchen to bake a cake. Usually when they go out to bake a large portion of the floor shows up and we have a good time, so I decided to join them. David came out, and we asked him about his life story. Somehow one thing led to another, and he suddenly jumped up, got really excited, and said "Do you guys want some balloon animals?" It's even funnier, though, because David is from Moscow and has a pretty thick russian accent. So we were like...sure. Apparently he had a job making balloon animals at restaurants, and he's really good! Let's see..first he made a monkey for Nina (a monkey that had swallowed a coconut...very cool), he made a heart with two doves sitting on it for Melanie, he made a Harley Davidson for Laura's boyfriend, he made Sangni an octopus, he made Lauren a butterfly, Peggy a flower, and he made Rachel something...I don't remember what it was. He made me a really cool palm tree with a monkey in it. ^_^ I put it on top of my desk lamp. I have pictures, but I forget how to put them in the journal. Maybe snapfish. Hehe, people are out in the hallway now talking about what David made them.

So after we ran out of balloons, we kinda sat around the common room talking for a few hours. Me, one of Nina's Brown friends, Hilary, David, and Sangni got into a pretty heated argument about religion and poker. By the end of it I was ready to kill Sangni. I just can't stand it when people say everything as if it's fact. He's one of those people that doesn't even consider the possibility that he might be wrong. It was awful. He thinks he's an expert on like everything. Argh.

Went to bed at like 4:30, and woke up around 12, after my alarm rang for an hour, to go to the SHO BBQ. It wasn't that fun, but it was good free food. I hung out there for about an hour with Kristina Chechotka, and we talked about stuff. After I came back Kris and I played some chess, and he kicked my butt. I am sooo rusty.

Right now I'm gonna go out into the common area and watch the Laguna Beach marathon. Should be interesting.
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