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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 8-29-2005 at 11:14am
Current mood: amused
Today started off normal enough....difficult to wake up, but I managed. Read the Alligator before class, then we talked about studies done to see the impact of movies on children. Wednesday we get to listen to the War of the Worlds broadcast, and that should be entertaining.

On the way back from class I stopped at the ATM at the Reitz to get some cash money, because my wallet was filled with receipts. I'm not exaggerating. I spent my last $7 on dinner last night. I decided to go over to the bookstore to pick up my clicker for chem class, and on the way I saw a sign for the poster sale, which I had forgotten was today. Rock! So I spent a few minutes perusing the posters. I got a nice Dave Matthews one (though I was disappointed that their Dave selection was so and one that had a picture of a tiger in the snow. I almost bought one of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in PotC, but...yeah, I didn't. I already spent $15 on these posters, and it was black and white, as is the Dave one. I think having 2 black and white posters will be worse than just the white walls. To be perfectly honest, I was a little embarassed even looking through that stack, since it was made up almost entirely of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Didn't want to make it worse by actually pulling a poster out. Heh. :-[

I debated whether to actually wait in line at the bookstore for the clicker, but I figured since I was over there, might as well. Apparently I had been postponing the inevitable, for in my quest to find a bookstore employee to find out where the clickers were, I ran into Ryan Merkel. Now, usually this would not be a good thing, but getting an opportunity to make fun of Merkel to his face brings a little sunshine to my day.

Context..this morning's Alligator featured an article called Kappa Sigma Breaks Ground. Kappa Sigma is the frat house that Merkel has been bragging for like a year about getting to help build. Some may recall the "I'm building frat houses in my spare time" conversation at the band concert. Well, this article caught my attention for a rather amusing quote.
Kappa sigma member Ryan Merkel is assisting Stevens in heading the construction. Merkel said they chose the property because of its location. "Being next to the sorority area would be beneficial, and there is no Fraternity Row land," he said.
So, running into him in the bookstore, I immediately brought up the article to break the silent awkward tension.
Me: "Oh, I read about you in the Alligator this morning."
Merkel (holding a Gainesville Sun Times): "Thank you, I'm in a few newspapers today. ...And they misquoted me in both."
Me: "Oh yeah, hahaha, I enjoyed the quote in the Alligator."
Merkel, explaining to his friend: "I said something about being near the sororities would be beneficial...." (to me) "But now everyone at UF will think I'm a huge horn dog."
Me (yes, I was wondering where the term horn dog came from too...but it's a direct quote.): "And that's different from yesterday how?"
Merkel: "Oh shut up." As his friend laughed hysterically..

It was just a good moment. I love when he walks right into those things. Just makes it so easy.

I eventually got my clicker, and still have to register it online. On my way back from the bookstore Theodore, our resident Alligator, was out sunning himself. May have just eaten, or perhaps simply warming up for the day. He's getting really big. When I saw him in January he was pretty small, but now he's up to a good 4-5 feet. I'm concerned that Graham Pond may be becoming a bit too small for him. Well, he can probably live there for atleast another 2 years or so. I want to go down there with my camera. I could get some awesome shots with my new (I still consider it new) lens. I just don't want to look like a moron. Maybe I need to worry less about what passerbys think. If I can convince someone to go with me then I'll go. I suppose if Theodore gets too big and he can climb up over the wall thing they'll move him to Lake Alice. They legally can't kill him, because Graham Pond is a wildlife sanctuary. Anyway...just random thinking on my way back from class.

I think now I'm going to take a nap, since my next class isn't until 6:15. Maybe if I wake up in time I'll go down and do some laundry, now that I have a few ones.
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