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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2005 at 8:50am
Current mood: groggy
Music: Trapt-Headstrong
Subject: Meh...Update...
I havent written in here in forever. I usually try to update here and there but like yea. Its hard when noone reads this, i guess i could say this is my own personal little journal online. I wrote a new poem today, its about my friend josh and my ex Brady. I think im starting to like him but at the same time though, i love my Brady even if he doesnt wanna be with me right now. Im going to be so sad if i dont get to see him for a long time. But ya, Im tired and im glad i dont work today. Gah, Work seriously sux alot! if you read this and you dont have a job, Be thankful. I cant stand working anymore and i have been here too long at this job. Papa Johns is tearing my energy away. I just cant wait, im not sure if i told anyone but my brother is getting married and im going to miss him so much when he leaves from the wedding. but for the length of time hes here, im not working, Period. I dont care what my manager says either, I need a vacation. Im so tired from this shit.
Neways though, i needed a new paragraph, i dont think i have written a journal this long in Forever. I miss all my friends from Lake although i hate Lake with a passion. Haha. But ya....I gots two more classes left in school, then i take home my buddy Tim and then i go to Seabrook to visit some old teachers of mine. Then lastly im going to go and head home, then im going to put flyers out, then come home. Hopefully by then i will get to nap. Later peeps, ive written too much!

Love ya'll, Jessi!
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