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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2002 at 9:11pm
Once upon a time, in a land called honalee or whatever...
There were 2 people named Ann and Walter. :)
They were on a mission to melt all the icecream in the land, for it was causing them major stress. Also, they tried to take all the mothers who liked to eat it, and put them in a large room filled with Bluejays! hahaha...So anyways, now that they were taken care of, Ann and Walter could have fun. :)
hahaha, and all the dads out there who rode harleys went out on a long, long journey to find mint chocolate-chip icecream to kill the dolphins. They looked forever, because as i already said if you were listening, Ann and Walter already melted all of it. So as the dolphins began to take over the beautiful land, (Ann and Walter still having fun) realized what they must do. They had to call all the sea turtles, sea cucumbers, and ostriches of the land. They strapped cannons on the turtles backs, stuffed sea cucumbers in the cannons, and made omelots out of the ostriches eggs. Then they fried up some bacon and had some milk, and sat down to a very-good breakfast. Then they went back to work, and they loaded the catapoult with ostrich omelots. hahaha
Then, you'd think this would be the end of it all, but it isn' ha.
They dolphins eventually stopped fighting due to techinal difficulties or what not, but anyways, the point is, when rabbits don't come out of their cage, it means you lost your pants. i think.
hahahaha. or it just means that your cat got back inside your house, am i right? am i right? hahaha...whatever, only one person would probably get this, so he'd better read it! hahaha :)
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