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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2005 at 3:43am
Alright, so I haven't much to say here right now. In fact, I can some up most of my general sentiment tonight with two words: Insomnia sucks.

I have been trying to fall asleep for a solid 3-4 hours before I gave up and decided to sit down here and start writing. I suppose, there is honestly quite a bit on my mind right now. I guess I won't post it here for now, for fear of sounding even remotely angsty. Though, I will still say that I really am getting pretty damn sick of being single. I mean, yeah sure, the freedom is nice. However, if you happen to have morals like I do and look at the notion of a purely physical relationship with disgust (not that I'm not guilty of having such a relationship in the past, but I assure you I felt bad about it the entire bloody time), then you know you really lack certain freedoms you only get in a relationship. For instance: the freedom to cuddle, and kiss. Heaven knows I've been missing those quite sorely for a rather long time now. That isn't it though, this isn't just me craving for cuddling and whatnot, I really just want a girlfriend, a companion, you know?

Well, so much for altogether avoiding angsty shite, though at least I managed to circumvent the majority of it. The time is now 3:53, which basically means that I have just few minutes more than 4 hours to sleep before I wake up (hopefully), and set out on a 25 minute hike to get to my calculus class.

Thank you to anyone who actually read my ramblings here, and allow me to assure you all that I am actually doing far better than I probably appear to be doing.

Farewell my friends, y va con dios.
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