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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2005 at 6:07pm
Current mood: scared
Music: My Chemical Romance - Helena
Subject: When the Past comes and Bites you on the ass.
The other day I was showed a vision of the past, and although I'm very scared to admit it, but I want to see it in my Future again..

Ive tryed so hard to push my feelings aside, and I feel that ive done a very good job so far, My feelings were finally almost gone, then in one blink of an eye they came back strong. Theres alot of anger built up inside me, a ton of stress, that I wish I could just release and tell you exactly how I feel, but as you could imagine its beyond hard. I sometimes dream and visionize that you will be there forever with me, till the end, but after all, there only dreams. Alot of time has passed and alot of new things are in our lives now, but I know deep down inside, bottled up, stored away, how much I really do feel. I want you to just be happy, and aslong as you are happy I will keep smiling. Even if I don't agree with what you do with your life, I will still support you 100% and hide my feelings with a smile. There was a time I could tell you anything in the world, as you would me, but I could'nt do it now. "These times they are a changin" - Bob Dylan. I can't look in your eyes anymore and tell you how I feel and don't know if I ever will be able to do it again. I do know for a fact that no matter what, no matter were we end up, no matter how it ends, I will always Love you forever and always, till my grave. I just want you to know that I'll always be there.
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