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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2005 at 5:42pm
So today I got up before the sun rose. Yeah. It was friggin early. Stupid first period class. I walked all the way over to Leigh for my chem discussion, knowing fully that it was not worth the time. We have spent the last week in chem discussing conversions and what a mole is (Small furry woodland creature). So I got there about 7:10. Richard was in my class, and that was good. I like having someone I know in the smaller classes. Although.. when we went around the room saying our name and major, he introduced himself as "Ricky" and I thought it was strange. I talked to Allison later, and she said that he's been going by Ricky in college. So anyway, our TA walked in, a little groggy and a little grouchy, wanting to be there even less than myself. She went over AGAIN how to register our clickers, then talked about what an isotope is. She asked if we had any questions, and when no one did, she just let us go. At 7:34. We were in the class for 9 minutes. I had not planned on going back to the dorm after chem; I had brought a book to read over in Weimer before RTV started. But, as it was, I had two hours to waste. So I went back to my dorm, set my alarm for 9ish, and went to sleep. It was a nice hour nap, but then I had to get up for class. RTV was actually pretty interesting today. We got to listen to much of the War of the Worlds broadcast from 1938. This was the first time I had heard the actual broadcast, though I had heard a lot about it. Honestly, even though it's kind of funny, I can see how people were freaked out by it. They really went out of their way to make it seem like a normal news broadcast. And even hearing Orson Welles' disclaimer at the beginning, it kinda sounds like it got cut off by this newsflash alien invasion. Dunno, I just can understand why there was a panic. If you got a little freaked out, and called your friend, and they were freaked out, it would be a huge deal. Anyway, this class, like most of my others, is rediculously easy and total BS.

I read in The Alligator yesterday that they closed the Sinkhole. It made me sad on the inside.

Went with Allison to pick up our football tickets, and we got great seats! We also got free t-shirts. They're pretty cool.

Finished my Stats extra credit quiz. Still have a bit of reading to do for Current Issues, but not until after dinner.
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