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spacietraci (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2005 at 10:28pm
things around my family have been all stressful, my mothers father, therefore my grandpa passed away tuesday morning. My mom left for muskegon that afternoon, i am supposed to work tomorrow night but i asked if i could take it off because i just really want to be with my family especially my mom, i miss her soo much i just hope that she is doing alright. i think that is the hardest part of this, is that she is taking care and helping planning and none of her family such that my dad, me, chris and jo are with her. i just want to be with her at this time. Josh and I are leaving tomorrow right when i get out of school to go up, were goin to stay with my sister for the night, so i get to see my ella bear, she is getting sooo big .....

so silver lake is this weekend we were supposed to leave with everyone at like 7am but we will already have a head start, i am unsure about what time were goin to get up to silver lake if its goin to be friday or early saturday i dont think we have decided yet..

well i hope everyone is enjoying college and teh dorm life if ur in a dorm, kane and kail, i miss you guys tons, but u two have better things now than to worry about us down here in great BC... so i hope ur havin fun and staying out of trouble myuch love
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