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jburt1 (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2005 at 12:50am
Music: straylight run "sympathy for the martyr"
Subject: college 202
I guess things are going well. I'm taking 18 credits as follows:
1. Accounting 201
2. Business Ethics 185
3. Econ 201
4. Isom 247
5. Psychology 101
6. French 101

Oh yeah, I'm taking a 19th credit at Musk. Comm. College. It's International Human Relations with Duane Schector. I hope that class doesn't put me over the edge because it already looks like I'll be living at the library (but not as much as my roommate - he's taking ridicuously hard math classes where you have to prove all these fundamental theorems).

So this is labor day weekend. I had offers to get off campus, either go to the suburbs or up to someone's lake house. I declined, mainly because I was looking forward to a quiet, relaxing weekend of solitude. People are great, but sometimes I just want to keep to myself. I'm social when I feel like it, but a lot of the times it just takes too much effort. Great, now I sound like a freak.

I'm just doing homework this weekend, hoping to catch up/ get ahead in all my classes.

I went to student ambassador retraining today. I gotta say, it feels like I'm going to a real university. All these new buildings, crowded dining halls, events going on all the time. I couldn't ask for me. Plus, I get the privlidge of having classes at our downtown campus, so it really feels like I'm in the city. I love it.

I'm really proud to call Loyola University Chicago my school, espeically in their response to the recent hurricane which made going to school in New Orleans impossible. We're accepting 400 students from Loyola New Orleans and other jesuit universities, letting them enroll in the classes that they would've been taking (this will undoubtedly cause crowding), not worrying about how it's going to get paid for, housing them with our faculty and off-campus students (except for the 53 on campus spots we have open). It's all about answering the call. Hopefully I can volunteer to show the new students around. It must be terrible to come with nothing to a new city.

In personal news, I think I'm falling for my friend. Hard. But I already know I'm not her type. oh, the misery.

To add to what's going on in my head, things with friends are different this year. People are doing their own thing. Which I respect. But it also makes me feel that I'm not as good of friends with some people, including my friend/roommate. But you know what? He's still a good guy, and if I ever needed anything I'm sure he'd help me.

I think I am going to rush Alpha Kappa Psi, the business frat here on campus, next semester. Never thought I'd be a frat boy.

You can't count on anyone but yourself.
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