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polishpimping (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2005 at 4:15pm
I feel my last post should be clarified.

I am not, nor was I in danger of hurting myself.
I am just upset with the cards life has delt me. It's not that I have a bad hand, I have a great one. But I am tired of the fucking game and I don't want to play this bullshit anymore.

Love doesn't exist. The world makes more sence that way. People are just running around trying to fill their emptiness inside with whatever or whoever is convienient. Last night I realized how much what happened a few months ago has effected me. It was a shock to see me change from the "Love rulez" posterchild I was to the person that detests it's idea today.

I was also annoyed that while I can rationalize away the notion of love, for some reason I cannot change certain aspects of my nature. I feel like one of fucking Pavlov's dogs.
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