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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 9-3-2005 at 10:54pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: none which is really weird
Subject: story time
*well as you know cristina is wearing a little tennis skirt, and its like 12:20
*tyler and i go into the gas station and he essentially buys 5000 calories
*when we come back cristina says to me something about some guys creeping her out and whistling and im like shit i need to stay with her
*then tyler and i sit in the car while shes washing the windows and stuff
*these 2 guys come back and one of them is talking to cristina outside of the car
*short oldish teenage guy with a red sox hat btw
*and hes trying to convince her to go to a party in kentfield
*he WONT go away so finally i step out
*and it was literally the funniest conversation ever
*when i asked him what school do you go to, he said "uhhh oh i graduated from redwood last year" aka hes currently living off his parents money doing jack shit
*i had said we needed to get home before curfew soon which was a lie, and then he said what school do you go to and we said branson and he said "oh yeah so you have a curfew and all that stuff, hows that?"
*we discussed where we lived and i said is that your house in kentfield and he said no, i said whos house is it and he said "uhh its my homie's house" and i said "ahh, yes. your homie's house." and i dont know how i kept a straight face when i said that
*so we also said stuff like "we need to meet some friends..." and he said stuff like "come on its me and my friends, we got some girls, uhhh..."
*and at the end of it all he said "ok then well you have a good night" and i said "you too. enjoy yourselves."
*it was overall hilarious. also because cristina and i were both taller than him and he was on drugs.
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