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beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2005 at 3:03pm
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Let's see. Where were we.

Friday night I went to the Black Greek Explosion with Leah and Anderson. Right from the very start it wasn't that great. Leah and I arrived at 5, like the website said, only to find out that it wasn't supposed to start until 7. So we went over to subway because Leah was hungry. We met this kid Josh in the subway line. He's in cicerones. I may try out for it in the spring. Don't think I'll get in, but what can it hurt? Then we went back over to the auditorium around 6:30. Not many people were there, but by the time they opened a door, there were hundreds of people crowded around it. They sent us to another door, and the mob of pushing people was just insane. I'm not claustrophobic with places, but I am with people. It was just body to body. Insane. The opened one door, and everyone shoved in for a free-for-all of finding seats. Luckily, we all managed to get seats, waaaay over on the right side of the auditorium. But it was all good, I was just glad we had seats. The show was pretty cool, but long, seeing as how it didn't start until 8:30 and we had been there since 5. Anderson helped me track down a teacher at the end, and then we just kinda hung out trying to figure out what to do. Anderson and I went and played mini golf, and then he walked me home. Saturday was craziness. People parked all over the grass and everywhere to tailgate.

Hilary's parents came over at 11, so we woke up around 10. Met her family, they're nice. Then around 2 we went over to Plaza of the Americas to tailgate. The amount of people that had poured into the city overnight was unbelievable. It was a nice gathering, lots of family and friends of Hilary. Her uncle apparently comes to every home game. He lives in Tampa. A big group of people walked over to Beatty to show Hilary's-uncle's-friend's-daughter what the dorm was like. When we arrived at Beatty I broke off from them to go find Will. I had just had my fill of hanging with a large group of people that I didn't know. Granted, Will was tailgating with the Greenbergs, but still. We went to watch the players come into the stadium, then headed back to plaza of the Americas. I introduced Will to Hilary's family, because he wanted a water, and then we met back up with the greenbergs. We watched the band warm up, and then followed the band to the stadium. It kinda made me want to do marching band again. After the band left we went into the O'Dome because apparently Mr Greenberg and/or Mr Deegan have huge alumni status. There was a volleyball game going on, in which we beat UC Santabarbara, and we got free drinks. The game was awesome. I sat with Allison and we had really good seats. Afterwards Allison, me, and a friend of hers had dinner at Subway in the Reitz and then went over to watch Madagascar at Gator Nights. It was pretty fun.

Sunday I slept in, and then Hilary, Dan, Nicole, Andy and I went over to the museum to see the FBI Files. They were really cool. That guy Mesches is crazy. Anyway, after that I was kinda planning to go out with that same group to dinner, but I had had enough of hanging out with other people's friends. I just wanted to hang out with my own friends. So I went over to Leah's and we ordered Chili's take out, which was really good. Then we went with Tom to go to see 40 Year Old Virgin, but it was sold out, AGAIN. So we went to blockbuster and rented Hide and Seek. It was good, but kinda creepy, and I knew the ending from the commercials. It was fun though to hang out with friends. I've been hanging out a lot with new people, and it's kinda getting old. I dunno. Sometimes I just like to have familiarity, and I wish that I already had a group of friends. I hate transitions. I keep on thinking how much better next year is going to be, but then I think that I'm wasting this whole time by thinking about that. This is only four years long, and I don't want to waste 25% of it by wishing it was closer to being over. Eh, I dunno. It's just...I knew I was going to miss my dog, but it's worse than I thought. Because I kept on telling myself I'd only be without her for a year, but these past two weeks have made me think that a year is a very long time. I just can't wait to go home in october and see her.

Anyway, where was I? Monday? Yesterday. Yesterday I woke up around 2:30 and started working on my chem OWL homework. I thought it was due at 5:00 yesterday, then the first page of the site said 11:59 yesterday. The second page of the site said 11:59 next monday. So I worked on it pretty much from the time I woke up until around 6, when I got ready to go over to Peter and Emil's appartment to watch the Miami FSU game. Both teams played horribly, which made for an exciting game, but I was happy because Burke brought her dog over. XD She's so cute! And I was playing with her for like three hours. I came home around midnight, and attempted to get some more chem done, but it wasn't happening. So I went to bed. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I wanted to start up the computer and write, but I couldn't really start it up because it was 2 AM and it makes loud noise. So I got out my Wildlife Issues notebook and just started writing. It's hard to write in the dark. I turned up the brightness of my high tech clock, but the light is blue, so I couldn't see the lines on the paper. It reminded me a lot of what Mesches said about the blacking out on the FBI Files. Really scattered...kinda followed my thoughts. Anyway, I plan on posting atleast some of it up here, but I have class in an hour, so I better get my shit together for that.
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