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Paradox (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2005 at 1:09am
Welll... Erika's got school in the morning, and that stinks, I'ma miss her while she's there, so if you see this and your at school, I miss you! or well- if we're not together and you see this, same thing applies. Lol.

Anyways, battle in benton harbor on friday whoo hoo! 3v3 hopefully we can bring home some casssshhhhhh.

It's sad that everyone's gone. well all the peopel I graduated with, Micah left up for Eastern on saturday morning, and even though I didn't get to hang out with him that much, just knowing that he's 2.5 hours away makes me miss him. Damn.

Anyways, that's all folks.

-B.E.Z. Lol. I'm Gangster.
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