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atman (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2005 at 3:16pm
Current mood: 21
Music: Weezer. They kick ass
Subject: Interesting
Well, today was an interesting day. I slept past breakfast, and I could have gone for lunch, but eating burgers at 10:45 didn't sound too hot. So, I didn't eat lunch, and wound up going to class, then made up some story for my speech class and people thought it was funny. If only my real life was that interesting. Speech is crazy though, because our CHINESE teacher that just moved here is trying to understand how to work as a teacher and how to connect with her students. Today we learned fuck in chinese. I like to think of myself as slightly more cultured now. Since I didn't eat breakfast, my stomach was roaring as these two girls were next to me looking at me funny. I didn't eat breakfast, I said. My stomach growled again and they both just laughed and said it made sense. It was vicious though. Just kind of like a "GWAR, I'm hungry you asshole, feed me!"

Went to my earth processes class, and I am going to suck at it. I can't concentrate in a class for 2 hours. I just can't. I know I should be able to and whatever, but its not possible. 1 and a half hours roll around and I start thinking about anything but the earth. I went from measuring degrees to family guy, to porn, back to family guy, to food, to world of warcraft, to my friends, to food, and finally back to family guy. Missed everything the guy said, and then we had to do a little worksheet on what he said. Fortunately, I can bullshit like no other, so I had it done and almost correct in no time.

I'm back at my room now, and I think I'll get to work on my teaching stuff. Or play world of warcraft. I guess we'll see.
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