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imugly (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2005 at 5:48pm
Music: streetlight manifesto, thursday, rise against
Subject: nothing inside
i had 3 wierd dreams w/GE in them. the first was about 2 weeks ago. we were at an orchestra practice. it was outside, like on the old fhs baseball field, and he was playin his bass. he wouldnt stop staring at me. then after practice, i dont know where everyone went, or where my violin went, but my sister and i were sitting on this mat or like picnic blanket. charlotte and virgil were there too. walking behind GE, and he came up to me and said hi and that he had to bring them. virgil was wearing one of those little child leashes and charlotte was holding it. then our picnic blanket was right next to this chain-link fence and behind the fence was warped tour and charlotte and virgil entered and sat down to watch thrice. the thing about the 'bands' that were performing was that they werent the bands at all. someone announced that they were, but they were like choirs or something. so me, laurie, and GE walked away. it looked like we were walking on the back road by 85th where theyre building retirement homes. so we kept walking in the neighborhood and we got to a cul de sac. there was this little spanish-looking house with a fountain in front of it. somehow we ended up jumping in it. it got really cold out and we started walking back to warped tour. aaron doperalski showed up out of nowhere and him and laurie started going somewhere else. GE and i kept walking. we finally got to warped tour and from first to last was next on the lineup. we sat in the back. there was a wall and we sat against it. i was shivering and he gave me his jacket and held me.

the next dream was on sunday night. Em-Jay and i were at the gainesville mall. i was holding his arm. we went into radio shack. it was across from the pretzel place(which it isnt in real life). no one was working there. so we waited at the counter. this uptight businness man was standing behind us. after a while he said "why the hell isnt anyone working in this dump?" and my brother ryan walked in from the pretzel place. he was wearing a red shirt and had thick-rimmed glasses. that part of the dream ended right there. all of a sudden i was at a public school. it was supposed to be west port i think. most of this part of the dream was waiting in lines. bus lines, before- and after-class lines, lunch lines... different times i saw GE it was supposed to be different days waiting before and after school. we had this game, whoever could find the other person first won. so then, i dunno what happen, but him and i and my whole family ended up on a cruise. we were older. i was 24 and he was 27. i was wearing my favorite fancy white strapless dress. and my black reefs i think. lol. he was wearing a tux(he looks sexy in tuxes btw lol). we started dancing to some classical music on the deck of the cruise. it was night time, lots of stars, and ambient was really romantic. pretty soon it was 7 in the morning. we had danced all night. i remember falling asleep on his shoulder. my dad came out and told us to come inside because my mom was getting mad or something. he went to his room, i went to mine with my parents. my mom was dressing in the bathroom. she came out. she was beautiful. wearing an expensive dress and a pearl necklace. she looked similar to audrey hepburn(an asian version of course). i went to sleep in my dream. when i woke up, i had to get ready for my wedding. i was marrying GE. we got to shore and we were on a field i think. i remember flowers. then my mom woke me up in real life. that always happens at the best part.

the most recent dream was last night. its pretty short since i dont remember very many details. i was on the computer. i IMed GE, and he asked if i could send him a pic since he hasnt seen me in over a year. i sent him the pic of me and mary playing foozball. i guess he liked it because he asked me on a 'date'. there was a movie playing at the library and he invited me to it. then my mom told me we had to go somewhere. i didnt tell her about my date with GE. it turned out we were going to the library anyways. i called him in the car and told him id be there. he wasnt there when i got there, and then i had to leave. me, my mom, and my sister ended up driving to this castle-type place. there were alot of tourists there. there was a marble slab creamery. my mom told us she was gonna get us some ice cream. when she got back, she gave me mine, and it wasnt the kind i like. it was like blueberry with nuts or something. there was one scoop in a cup. it melted even before i got to eat it and i hated it. next in the dream, i was in the castle. all the other people(tourists) were eating their ice cream outside. i was in the tower lookin down at them, thinkin how i let GE down. all of a sudden batman was there. but it was GE haha. then he asked me to live in the castle with him, and be his bride lol. i think that was the end of the dream.

if dreams have significance, please explain it to me
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