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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 9-7-2005 at 11:51pm
Current mood: chipper
Subject: Happy Birthday to me!
Today started off shitty, but ended up pretty good. Just a really crazy day. Woke up at 7:16. Yeah, I have a 7:25 class on Wednesdays. So I threw on some clothes and ran out the door, hauled ass over to Leigh, and got there about 7:33. I opened the door, and the room was completely empty. Looked on the board: "Chem 2045 First period discussion CANCELLED. Sorry!" Oh man. My legs hurt so bad from walking over there sooo fast. I was originally pissed off, but after a few minutes I was glad. It would have been worse had the class actually existed and I was 10 minutes late. So for once, after having a shitty yesterday, I looked on the bright side. And it could have been raining. That would have been worse. So on the way back to bed I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday before he went off to work. He seemed really surprised that I had called, and even moreso that I had called so early. So anyway, I got home and slept for an hour before my next class. Went to TV and American Society, discussed the fact that Kanye West said "George Bush doesn't care about black people" on the Hurricane Katrina telethon, and went back to my room.

I've been feeling kinda blue about my birthday, because even though I have a bunch of friends up here from high school, I'm still kinda finding my place up here. So I was just messing around after class, considering doing some stats or taking a nap, when the phone rang. I got a package!! It took me forever to figure out what it was, because all I saw was a box with balloons sticking out of it. But alas, my parents had sent me a thing from Cookies by Design, and it's all sorts of cookies shaped like dogs. The only problem is they're HUGE and iced, and there's like 6 of them. I'll share. Otherwise I'll have to throw them away, and that's bad. Anyway, so that brightened my day a bit.

After that I met Angie and Kristen over at the Reitz so we could go over and pick up our football tickets. Sort of. We were picking up Leah's and my tickets, and Angie's using Leah's ticket. Kristen was there ...just because. But she didn't come to the Swamp with us, she left from the Reitz. So the three of us went on over to the swamp and we got really good seats. Section 31, row 56. After we got the tickets we caught the bus to lakeside and had lunch over there. I took the bus back after lunch and did some work over at hume before going to the Equestrian Club meeting with Angie. It was good, but almost all of the people there were really experienced riders. I kinda just want to take lessons and play around, so I'm not sure how active I will be with the club. *shrug* Have to figure out where I'm going to get the money for lessons. I got back from the meeting and cooked myself some soup for dinner. Then we had a fire drill. So we went outside and stood out there across the street for like 20 minutes. Then I came back in and finished my dinner, went on dogster for a few minutes before Nina knocked on my door. She said oh, I have to talk to you, but I have to go get my phone first. I thought it was a little weird that she had to talk to me, but that's fine. As she was getting her phone, my phone rang, and I had to go downstairs and give Will the car keys. When I got back up, there were a lot of people in the common area/kitchen, especially for a wednesday night. So when I got about halfway down the hall they started singing. Surprise birthday party! Nina baked me a cake. ^_________^ It was so nice, and made me feel really good, especially since I had been kinda down about the whole birthday thing. I was glad to see that people that I have kinda weak relationships with right now really do consider me a friend and would go out of their way to spend all evening doing something nice for me. And the entire floor was out there singing. XD Just made me really happy.

So tomorrow's class schedule sucks, but it's ok...I'm really cheerful now about my birthday and everything. I'm hoping that I did this honors paper right. We'll find out tomorrow. I'm going out to lunch with Will in between Stats and Current Issues. Hopefully present. :) I love presents and packages, they're awesome. It can brighten up your whole day. Must remember to send more packages. After classes tomorrow we're rounding up the gang at Olive Garden to celebrate more. Should be a good time.

Scary thought for the day:
Lauren (12:00:57 AM): I'm old.
Will (12:01:23 AM): yes, kudos on that
Will (12:01:41 AM): now, together we're 40.
Will (12:01:43 AM): that's old.
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