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brandi52_lp (profile) wrote,
on 2-13-2003 at 8:38pm
Current mood: relaxed
Hey!! How ya'll doin?! I'm doing GREAT!!! lol...not that anyone asked...but I thought I'd let y'all know!! hmm...oh yeah..I hope everyone had fun at Swirl!! Well, since I have nothing better to do...I'll tell you guys about my day! *claps* Well...I woke up and...went to school..(dur!) but was tired the first half of the day for some certain reasons;-). And then I got home and my friend came over. And pretty much the whole afternoon...I've just been talking on the phone;-). lol. And then we went to church which was really fun! We had a good lesson about understanding parents. lol. Well, I hope you all have a VERY safe, happy, love-filled Valentine's Day!! lol. I'm gonna get goin. I'll talk to ya guys lata and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY:-D!!! I love you all!! :-D
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