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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 9-12-2005 at 8:55pm
Current mood: content
Music: TV
Subject: Kayne West is my hero!
Well i am in my 3rd week of my jr. year!
So i dont have much to write. I am doing good i can't complain. I am oddly happy so some unknown reason. but always annoyed! i love photography and poetry writing. my professor is the most inspiring person i have ever had the joy of listening to. But yeah i joing NABJ which is the national assoc. of black journalisr. Which is cool its good to be around people that are intered in the same things you are and are focused and alot liek you. So this is the update. I am going to go watch tv. Later
" I hate grammar more than president bush hates black people"
hahaha i love people who speak thier minds on National TV ven if they make an ass out of themseleves.
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