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atman (profile) wrote,
on 9-13-2005 at 9:34am
Current mood: awake
Music: Weezer (Still)
Subject: More of it
So, I'm still here at Central. Imagine.

Jarrid, Leland and myself have talked about some weird stuff, but I think we all agree we can stand one another. Nic is the only one I'm nervous about. He is hyper-religious and I usually don't get along with those people. Doesn't mean I won't try, it just kind of creeps me out. The other night some kid came by and asked if Nic was in. He was praying by his bed, and I didn't really know what to do. He had the light dimmed and everything, and I didn't know if I was supposed to go in there, if he was channeling his chi, or just in a really screwy position. Thankfully, Nic came to the door and talked to the guy anyway.

Still no friends here at Central. I'm kind of trying, but its not an easy thing. I kind of talked to a girl named, "Seaworld" last night, but I doubt I'll talk to her again. She seems like the girl thats all "Gasp! Puppies and kitties!"

I watched a video today about 'amazing' teachers, and some of them were actually pretty smart about how they went about their teaching. This science teacher built a mini space station that students had to live in for about 5 days or so, and they had to solve problems, check on how being stuck in a little area was affecting them, and trying not to kill each other. I thought that was a real cool way of teaching kids a few things about astronomy and mathematics.

And now, I'm going to make a poll if I still can, and I expect everyone to pass their decision.
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