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strawberrie (profile) wrote,
on 9-13-2005 at 12:21am
Current mood: blah
Music: the dryer
Subject: Life latly...
Welp it's been awhillleeee since i updated nothing really knew this past weekend was horrible...i had fun no lie...but it was confusing n to many things got screwed up

Talked to Danny --that was akward.. i guess u can say were friends now... things arn't so well for him (sorry)

Didnt go to school monday (said it was 'cause my throat...really cuase i was to tired lol)

Woke up this morning n i really didnt want to go to school so i told my parents i was to tired they FLIPPED my mom called me a piece of shit n it was non-stop crying for hours they took my cell phone my dad told me to get out so i did n then came after me they think im a drug addict cause i didnt quit smoking weed but w/e they should be happy its weed n not coke or extacy like all the other people but yeah todays been realllllllly shitty n i just wanna go to bed get up go to school n then go see my friends but yeah thats been my life...hope everyone else's is going better....

alated.. Heather
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