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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 9-13-2005 at 12:48am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Dream - i miss you
Subject: School
Well i feel good about myself. im ahead in my math models class. i told on someone but i think it was for the best. I want him to remain in this school so i mean ya. So neways, Last night was crazy, i mean i took Kenny (brother zachs friend) home, then Zach home then Tim and lastly Jackie. By the time i was on my way home, it was already 4:30pm. i had work at 445 which i called in late. Later on i got to work, It was super busy for awhile. I helped on make line all night long too. I tried to quit smoking in one day, failed and it sucked. I want to quit so badly. If i can go a month without one because im stuck around my mom, then why cant i stop still? im mentally addicted, thats why. Oh well though. Ill get myself away from them soon enough, maybe its because of Brady, or maybe because i know he dont want me anymore. Whatever it is. i shall get myself over the hump on the ground. Well this entry is getting long enough hahahahaha. Maybe ill keep writing and see if i can write as much as before. I am throwing a second pizza party in my English 4 class on Thursday. That will be kool but i dont think im going to eat the pizza. i may eat the cheese stix but no pizza. Screw the pizza, i need to loose weight sooo badly. Even if some guys think im great how i am. Specially Justin lol. Neways though, i wanna meet jeremey. I think he will be a fun person, i think a little different from Justin. I just want to find someone i can trust and someone who can trust me. i want holding and kissing, i want happiness. Ugh is there a guy who can match this??? i also want someone who is funny but knows how to be serious when the time comes. i want him to agree with me when im angry about a matter. I want all these things and i know i cant have them all. Oh well, Like i said before...."Life sucks and then you die, So come on over and lets get high" I dont even smoke weed but the saying just makes sense to me....Lates!
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