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lovelykittykat16 (profile) wrote,
on 9-14-2005 at 1:00pm
Current mood: indescribable
Music: 3 doors down - when im gone
Subject: No trust!
so here is my proof again, i have no trust in people and when i begin to trust them. They stop me from doing so. I shouldnt trust a soul. I dont know why i ever did. ugh! but yea. Im so glad i dont work today. I love it and tomorrow too. Days off is Great to me. I just honestly dont want to work anymore, or have like a month off so i can sit around and be bored again. Ill want to come to work after that hahahaha. ill be damn near broke. Oh well though. But yea, i began to write my love, Brady, today. It is so far almost 2 pages long and ill prolly continue you writing tomorrow but today my mind is too tired to even think about writing another line. I get to take home Jackie and Tim today. i already got the money from them both. Then my english four class is throwing a pizza party tomorrow. Great fun hahahaha. Well today there isnt going to be as much to say cuz im tired and i just wanna hit home. Lates!

P.s. Cody really pissed me off this morning by ignoring me when i was upset. Screw you Cody. Your not my true friend. liar!!!
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