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stay_c (profile) wrote,
on 9-14-2005 at 11:00pm
Current mood: depressed
Subject: So yeah... I haven't updated in a while...I should do that.
Life is ____________.

Lately I'm not really sure how to fill in the blank.

I'm back at Ferris. I'm glad to be out of Cedar most of the time. I miss some of my friends, yet there are others that I really don't miss at all. Sad I know, but when they don't even care to ask why I'm not happy with them, why should I believe I'm their "Best Friend" and give them my time? ....Does that make me sound like I'm 14 again?...

School has been slightly stressful thus far. Three weeks in and I'm behind on homework, and already not wanting to get up for class. I deffinately need to figure that issue out before it becomes a huge problem.

I am meeting a lot more new people so far this year. Which is nice, I need to expand my circle of friends beyond Cedar and a few other small unknown places in Michigan.

Speaking of small unknown places... My friend Bobby (aka my casual sex guy from our senior year and this summer) from Ithaca, is leaving for basic training for the Navy on Tuesday, Sept. 20th. He's having a going away party Saturday, I can't wait to see him, but leaving will be hard. I'm really going to miss him. I've gotten used to talking to him at least a couple times a week lately and now I won't be able to talk to him for 9 weeks, then he'll be gone another 4 years.... Damn the government and their ways of getting people to do things for them with the promise of money for college....

Anyway, back to new friends. I'm actually spending time with my suitemate, we shared a bathroom last semester and hardly talked to each other. My roomate has a couple people that come over to our room a couple times a week so I'm becoming friends with them, and I've met up with some people that I haven't seen in 5 or 6 years and have been hangingout with them. Maybe if I play my cards right I could end up with a boyfriend out of the deal...

I'm deffinately sick of being single, yeah casual sex works for the moment but it's not what I really want or need anymore. I want a real relationship and to stop putting myself into situations that just end up hurting me.

Well I think I'm done with my update for now. The chance that anyone who actually reads this will care about much of it will be pretty small anyways. So yeah..

Life is _________. Still happening.
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