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mle (profile) wrote,
on 9-15-2005 at 8:44pm
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last night, i was on mentor duty - so we do rounds a couple times a night. during one walk-through the building, i caught a really, disturbingly accurate quote on a doortag:

"the question is, do i force a confrontation or just continue being whiny and passive agressive until she realizes what a good catch i am?"
- seth cohan, the oc

bullseye. i couldn't have said the me-ken situation better than that. except, we've kinda had 2 confrontations, i guess. the first time this summer when i told him.. and he didn't really answer me. and the second time, when i spent the night last wknd.. and i know at some point i asked him wtf is going on w/ me and him. but i was drunk. and i don't really remember his response, other than i know it wasn't a straight answer.


i was going to say more. but screw it. my eyes hurt from the screen. more later, kiddies
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