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freakishIYK (profile) wrote,
on 9-15-2005 at 9:14pm
Current mood: sick
Subject: one week at a time
Just like the title I have been taking one week at a time. It sucks having to work now. When I was in school I could take off when I was sick...but not here. By the way I'm sick again. It's ok, I'm used to it.
Nothing new has really happened. I went to my very first Ozzfest, and it was great. Mike and I had to leave early because he had a store meeting but it's ok. I do wish he didn't have it though because there was a huge mud pit and the two people I hate most were in it...if he didn't have that store meeting I would have gotten in there chugging huuuge chunks of dirt at them. But luckily Danny (my brother) was in it and actually got one of them for me, right in the face. He's a good brother sometimes.
Anyway, now Mike and I are going to go to a nine inch nails concert, I can't wait. And later that month we're going up to Orlando for Halloween horror night. We're gunna stay the weekend, and his mom's coming with us, she's never been before so this is our birthday present to her. Since we're doing that she said she would pay for a hotel, which is really nice of her.
Hmm what else? friend Ashley got married...but I think I mentioned that before. It's been so long, I can't even remember.
Oh, I'm hoping Mike will come work where I work. He works at Panera Bread right now and we'll never be able to have our own place if he continues to work there. I'll wind up supporting him. Which mom thinks I'm doing now. I'm just helping him pay off the debts caused by the accident. I know they're really not my problem but they affect me too, so I want them done and over with.
There's not much else...I'm planning on getting a tattoo and I think they're over pricing me, but I'm sure you really don't care.
It's 9:33 and I got work tomorrow and I feel like shit so I'm gunna head for bed. Later.
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