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beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 9-16-2005 at 5:25pm
Current mood: blah
I felt like shit yesterday. Wasn't sick, just felt like shit. Depressed, I guess. I'm feeling a little better now. A little..

I woke up yesterday around 8:40 and decided to skip class. Then I thought about the C I got on my RTV test and went. Stupid Wildlife Issues. It's so pointless. After class I came back and went to sleep until noon, when I woke up, got my shit together, and went to Stats discussion. I forgot my calculator, but we didn't need it. So then after stats I went to lunch with Will, which was nice. I enjoy going out to lunch with him on Thursdays. We went to Tijuana Flats, which is always good. We finished lunch and he walked me over to Norman to find the Education Library, where my next class was meeting. That was soooo boring. We sat for an hour and a half learning how the online library system works. Then we had to do a little assignment on the computers there, which was really easy. The library lady was really nice, but still. We walked as a class back over to Little for the other hour and a half of class. We watched a video called Behind Closed Doors about the oppression of homosexuals at UF in the 50's. Yep. So after that class ended I called my mom on the way to chemistry. Chem is still stuff that I already know, but he goes really quickly. Hopefully it's not going to suddenly get into stuff that I have no idea about. Right now we're on calorimetry. I mean, we still have to do kinetics, equilibrium, acid/base, etc. Nevertheless..

Once chem ended I SNAPed over to the vet hospital to attend a prevet meeting. I think that's when my day started to go downhill. There were several people there with their dogs, one with a sun conure. There was a greyhound for adoption. It's just...*sigh* We had elections and then the professor of Animal Science spoke for a while about the vet school application process. It was reiterated to me how necessary it is for me to get a 4.0. And I have to get a job. Like next month. That really sort of irked me, because part of the reason I came to UF was so that I didn't have to get a job. I guess the financial bubble will be good though. The closer I get to it, the less confident I am that I will get into vet school. When they ask little kids what they want to do when they grow up, they don't say anything about what you have to do to get there. It's just going to be a very difficult four years. And then an even more difficult four years. And then the real world. I guess in a way I'm just kinda mad that my situation is so different from Will's. He does nothing, nothing. His extracurriculars include co-founding Student Poker Society. And he's not going to grad school, but he's going to make as much starting salary as I will ever make, and without the grad school loans. It's just frustrating I guess. I dunno.

So after the vet school meeting I was feeling rather blue, unsure about the future and missing my dog. I sat out in the common area and watched the Fresh Prince for a little bit with Nina, Hilary, and Connie, and then everyone went their separate ways to do work. I went on the computer for a bit and did...nothing. Then I went to bed and listened to Phantom on my discman.

I think I'll feel a lot better when I visit home Sasha. It's going to be such an awesome weekend. I'm going to go to the ATL football game and cheer on the bandos, then Saturday I'm going to see Phantom!! Mezzanine seats! It's going to be so fun! Sunday I'll go to the dog park I think, maybe out to lunch with some high schoolers. Then we'll come back Monday afternoonish. In time for chem class, hopefully. I have a list of things that I need to get when I go home, and it's like 15 things. Rediculous.

I've run out of things to say, so I guess I'll post more later. Or not.
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