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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 9-16-2005 at 6:13pm
Current mood: cold
Music: Shiro Sagisu - Comical World (Bleach OST)
Subject: Head In The Clouds
Well, I'm finally getting over my cold.
Actually. I feel really good!
Up at my dad's for a few days again.
With my lovely allergy pills. Yummy.
Wrote a fistfull of poems. Posted them on DA.
Days are consisting of sitting here. Sleeping.
Playing Fallout 2. Talking to people online.
More sitting. Staring at the screen. Listening to music.
More sitting. Looking around my room.
Getting up to piss every once in a while.
Showering. Sleeping. Eating. Playing Fallout 2.
Listening to music. Talking to people online.
I somehow feel worthless. Hah, hah.
But anyway. Not much has been up as of late.
Waiting for my brithday gift from dad to arrive in the mail.
I wonder what it is? Honestly. I have no clue.
Adam ordered me a shirt from the band Silent Civilian.
He's a good friend. We like the same bands pretty much.
So. He ordered a shirt too. Same time. Heh. Woot.
Uhm. Hm.
I am ten dollars richer? x_x;;
Seems me and Ash are now dating.
Well. Nothing's really changed. Heh.
She gave me a birthday card and said she'd like to 'try us out'.
So, uhm, cool. I guess.
I doubt I truely love the girl to death. But I care about her a lot.
Like I do most people I like.
She's still odd. And she still complains about being ugly, fat, ect.
I just want to strangle her sometimes. So. I keep reminding her.
That she is infact. Pretty, and not fat. Gawd... her friends are
like that too. What is with chicks!? I swear the ideal body type
for females today is 90 lbs. and god damn stick thing with big breasts.
I think it's pretty sick to think that way. Ugh... blah!
I make her really happy though, so, that's good.
And she liked the poem I wrote her. So. Yay. ^_^
Done now.
Smile; and pull the trigger.
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