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beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2005 at 3:43am
Music: Boys from Old Florida
Subject: If you ain't a gator, then you're gator bait!
That game was fucking awesome. We kicked Tennessee's ass 16-7. Volunteer your mother.

I'm finding weird spots of blue paint on me. I think it's from Will?

I met Leah and Jackie at the Reitz, after I bought some face tattoos and got a beat Tennessee sticker. We had lunch in the food court and coincidentally sat at a table next to Molly Scott. Good to finally run into her. Then we headed back to Lakesiiiiiiideee on the bus. We found Gabe and David at the bus stop. I also found sunglasses at the bus stop and took them. Now I don't have to buy sunglasses. Anyway, Gabe and Jackie tried to bargain some sexual favors in exchange for a Tennessee ticket, but that fell through. We got on the bus and hung at Lakeside for a bit, got our face tattoos on, and waited for Jamie. Once she got home me, Leah, Jamie, Zach, and some random chick went over to University to check out the action there. Tons of tailgaters. We got free t-shirts, but I left mine at the game by accident. Umm...what else. Oh, the crowd over by UF plaza was crazy, and we didn't get any free drinks, which pissed me off. Anyway, at about 6:50 we headed back to the swamp, half trying to sell Leah and Jamie's tickets, but they couldn't get more than $100 each. So we went into the game and the madness began. Our seats were amazing, eighth row in the Gators endzone. Zach said his friend said we were on TV, but I'm not positive. We took some pictures and whatever, and then Leah and I went over to say hi to Ale in the bando section.

Yeah, I'm a little too drunk to finish this, I might do it later.

Ummm...maybe I should write these things down when they happen, so that I remember what happened later. Will came in the game at about 10 till 8, after Mike and Burke had come in with their full body paint (and cape). I caught his attention in the aisle, and he was a total asshole. He was like "ok, I'm going down to the good seats, you guys have fun here in row 8." So I was like fuck you, until I realized how incredibly drunk he was. So the game started and we scored a touchdown in the first quarter. They tied it up 7-7, but then we got three field goals throughout the game. It was really a battle of the defences. Sometime during the first or second quarter Will left to do something, and then on his way back stopped to talk to me. So I asked for his keys, and he said Don't you have your car keys? And I told him no, they're in my dorm room. So he was like ok whatever, but you have to drive the car over to my place in the morning. So I said fine and took his keys. During the second quarter Leah's leg really started to bother her, and she and jaimie left at halftime. I made friends with some of the guys in front of me though...who ended up being 25, but they were cool. They snuck in a water bottle filled with vodka and bought a few pepsis during the game and spiked them. I thought it was good planning, since the vodka just looked like water. But they were really nice, they offered to get us stuff from the snack bar and whatnot, and we talked about football some.

After the game it was awesome because we were right at the corner where the football team congregates for the fight song and the alma mater. I got some good pictures. Right before the game ended though it was crazy. Cops literally poured down onto the field. They brought out police dogs too. Not drug dogs. Belgian Malinois. With muzzles so they didn't attack their handlers. Crazy. They were so afraid people were going to storm the field. And we wanted to. But anyway, on our way out I took pictures of will and his crazy painted friends and the "swim team."

Allison and I walked over to Hume, where we parted ways, and I started down to lakeside. I called Leah to see what she wanted to do, and we kinda decided just to stay in and hang out. Tom walked from lakeside and met me halfway so I wouldn't have to walk alone in the dark. We hung out at lakeside and celebrated a bit, then chilled for a while and I caught a ride home with Tom. I pretty much just crashed in bed then and slept till two. I gave Will the car keys shortly thereafter on his way to lunch with P&E. Then I spent all day working and wishing that tylenol wasn't $8 a bottle. I feel accomplished though, because I got through my whole to-do list from friday that I didn't do. Yay me.

So tomorrow is class and studying, then chem test tuesday. This is a busy week, so we'll see how it goes. I am soooo psyched to be going home in less than two weeks. I can't wait to see Sasha and to go to Phantom. And do laundry for free. And have my own room. And pick up all these things that I forgot to bring. And and and...yeah, only two more weeks. I just really want this week to be over. *sigh*

Tom690009: am i in ur journal?
Skillet9886: no
Tom690009: no?
Tom690009: not at all?
Skillet9886: no
Tom690009: nothing like "tom pissed me off today"
Skillet9886: no
Tom690009: or "tom turned me on today it was so hot"
Skillet9886: no
Tom690009: damn
Tom690009: what the hell kinda journal is that?
Skillet9886: one about me
Tom690009: what about you?
Tom690009: like "I like tacos"
Tom690009: or like "school sucks"
Skillet9886: neither
Skillet9886: like actual coherent sentences
Tom690009: like "Today, I wrote a paper."
Skillet9886: actually I'm writing about yesterday right now
Tom690009: so like
Tom690009: "yesterday, I saw Tom after the game. He was so sweet to me, he walked with me and talked with me. It really turned me on"
Skillet9886: yeah
Skillet9886: something like that
Tom690009: lol
Tom690009: dont lie to me!

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