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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2005 at 7:47am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: Dir en Grey - 'RED ... [em]'
Subject: DAIG<3<3<3!!!
Went to bed at three thirty this morning.
Am up at seven thirty.
Four hours of sleep? Whatever. I'm not that tired I guess.
Neat dream. Was like Counter Strike at first,
and then we were all real people. I operated a stationary
sub-machine gun and pwnd. XD
Nothing much to report.
Have been watching the lastest Bleach anime episode, number 49,
entitled "Rukia's Nightmare" ... pretty neat one. Got bored, so
started to browse another anime that's being subed in english called
'Suzuka' ... 'bout a chick that is in college and on a track team that is all praised and shit for jumping the highest bar thingy... 169cm... and this other main character guy dude. Eh, 's pretty good so far. Introduced to two other mainish lookin' chars in the first episode too.. a long haired blond and a brunette with glasses. First time you see the blond she's naked. XD The main guy works at his aun't spa, an all girl place. And he has to clean the spa every morning. Anyway, blond and brunette barge into his apartment later that evening, drunk.. and pass out. XD Amusing. But anyway, blah blah. I just like anime.
Even DL another they had translated. 'Front Innocent' ... little did I know that this was hentai. Heh. But, alas, genitals were obscured in that shitty 'foggy' censor stuff. Bleh! Oh well, kind of an odd anime. Whatever. Hm... what else have I been doing? Oh! ... Gah. My attention has also been taken up by Fallout 2, a post nuclear RPG. And this hentai dating game called True Love. Which I find myself going to be playing a third time through within two days already. What can I say? It holds my interest. ... <_< I'm not a pervert.
Just having this random Japan-esque obsession at the moment. Heck. I'm even learning some of the language....

Hejimemashite! Watashi wa Zane desu. Douzo yoroshiku, wareme!

Translation: How do you do! I am Zane. It's nice to meet you, cunt!

I amuse myself easily. XD


That's all.


[BTW: The title has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rest of the entry. XD .... I have no clue.]
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