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bunsofsteel (profile) wrote,
on 9-19-2005 at 9:53pm
Current mood: discontent
Music: jack johnson
Subject: ryan
oh why does ryan hve to be so cunfusing. i mean really. i know he still likes me. i know it. and its not a conceeded thing or false hope. its just .. he does.
but now he also likes jess. and she tells me all the grose details of what he tells her and what she tells him. and it makes me sick to my stomach.
but at least my good friend jack johnson is there to cheer me up. :o)
well it tears my heart into shreds to hear him talk about her and her talk about him. its like.. we were togeather for a year. and then in less than a month he can just move on like that. come on. thats just.. playing with my feelings.
ryan. quit being a duche. please.
tell her you dont like her. tell her that you like him. we both know you do. dont lie to yourself.

this is so gay.
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