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wiredshut (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2005 at 5:10pm
Current mood: surreal
Music: the calling
Subject: bugger all to be honest.
i've been reading back on previous journal entries (i have a wierd thing about doing this. and txt msgs too) and realised that i sound like a fucking primary school student (with the v.rare and occasional swear word) always sounding hyper and ever so cheery. no wonder no one ever reads it- i drive myself mad!!! ok, i've not updated in a while. theres not really much to say, well, i've been writing in my private a bit (ok. just now- fucking school computers banned woohu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate them!!! have resorted to using the public libary computers where every one can read over your shoulder.) i cant wait for the hut!!!!!!!!!!! or the cinema!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (made oh so better due to company- and it being totally free!!!!)(i will stop using exclamation marks now- promise) i have actually got a serious txting problem- in that i do it way, way to much, seriously its become a habit. although i havent txted that much today. only two. incredable for me. wierdest thing happened today, on the bus home (was on the stupid 588 instead of school bus coz of strike) so theres me, minding my own business when i hear someone squealing. i turn slightly in my seat, adjust my hair slightly to see, but before my eyes have focused POW a small squermy thing hit me in the stomach and starts trying to squeeze me to death- no, before you think that maybe it is a new genetic mutation allowing squid to live out of water i shall tell you that is was indeed laura. shock. an annoyance. i hate seeing people that you have not seen in a long while when you are not looking your best. and i wasnt. i dont look that great at the best of times but today my face looks crap, my clothing is really crap (grey and black t-shirt, odd length customised jeans, stripy socks, converses and assorted wrist cuffs) and my hair is abnormally crap due to the fact that it had been up in the morning then i took it down and made it go mad coz it looked kinda cool but then it went flat and blah blah blah but you get the picture. nothing much to say on the encounter really- shes not spoken or tried to get in touch with me all summer and now suddenly shes hugging like shell never let go. we said goodbye and went our separate ways when we got off the bus and i imagine that there will be any more trying to get in touch as there was before. to be honest im not that bothered, it seems like a different life to me now. im a complete loner. other than my oh what is it? 2 friends outside of school i have 2 friends in school that know me as "wierd" vicky as i refer to myself when with them (in my head not to them) one of them that i never see and one of them that insists on trying to touch me. in places. that are not ment to be touched by her. although that has now stopped MWAHAHA but she now insists on trying to steal my phone every 5 flipping minutes. AHHHHH. ok. so picture this. girl, 6 feet tall, red and black clothes head to foot, clumpy shoes, stripy tights, long black hair with red ends at the bottom and a fringe, vivid make up, over the shoulder grey bag at her feet, a folder also at her feet with writing on it saying things such as "still screaming" and "disturbed" and "pain for pleasure... welcome to my world" then place her in a school, full of people that wear nothing more adventurous than jeans, think anyone slightly different is a freak (and has no problem in letting them know it) and who sings "lady in red" (i fucking hate that song) to said girl who always happens to be wearing at least a little red. ok. rant over. sorry. btw, said girl was me (as u had proberbly gatered)
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