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Anytngbtordinary (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2005 at 1:09pm
Well I broke.

I want to go home.

I don't even know why.

I'm too dumb for college.

I can't do things on my own...even going to the library to do a project scares me.

I failed my first exam. below average, and average was 62.

That means I'm failing a class already.

I'm that stupid.

I feel like sleeping all the time.

And thats scary because I guess a lot of people have mono in our dorm.


Just great.

Everyone has been home but me!

And why they hell did I choose zoology?!

Who was I kidding? I can't do this!

What a dumb career path!

What do I think I can do with this?

Everyone in zoology here is going into a medicine career.

I have a test at 2...its 1:14.

I'm going to fail again.

Why am I freaking out?

Everyones coming to me asking for help lately...and I want to help.

But now I'm flipping out.


This whole alone do I feel so alone?

People are so awesome here....

But I don't know why i feel so alone and freaked the whole doing things on my own maybe...


I dont get mitosis...and its on my test.


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