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xxinterrupted (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2005 at 9:06pm
Current mood: sarcastic
Okay, well.. I'll make an actuall update now that I feel like it.

School is dumb, a bunch of dumb people all in once place trying to make everyone like them, trying to get everyone to be their friend. Psssh, fuck that. I hate most of the dumb idiots, and okay.. if that makes me stuck up (like YOU Randi ;)) then so be it. I'm not trying to get anyone to like me. I'm just trying to get the hell outta there so I can move on with my life.

Lets see.. I haven't posted my schedual yet.
1st -Flora Fauna w/ Foglia
2nd -Survey w/ Llllllooooyyyydddd (again)
3rd -Carreer and Office Applications w/ Skilles
4th -History w/ Johnson (again)
5A- TF:fitness MWT-lunch A
5B TF-lunch B MWT-study hall
6 -English 10 w/ Gurdish (again. what a joke)
7 -English 12 w/ Lusk
8 -Business Enterprise w/ Skilles

(again) means I took that class in my 10th grade year but have to take again b/c I never finished my finials and now that won't let me. uhhhh... fucking stupid. but whatever, I'll do it.

I enjoy all the classes except english 10. Hello, I was almost a all A student in there.. I have to take it again? It's like putting me in a sped class.

Anyways. I drive to school.. I only work 2 days a week though.. haha. But it's all good. I love driving. Though- I CAN'T PARK. hahaha, that and I ALWAYS leave my lights on. Chuck always tells me though. "Jena your lights are on." Haha. WHat a guy.

Not going to homecoming. Waste of money. I'd much rather spend it on clothes or something for gabby-doo. Speaking of clothes, I looked "cute" today. WTF.. uhhh. I look cute EVERY day. haha (ahhh.. I love ME!!) Yeahhhh.

I kept trying to get on AOL.. but everytime someone messaged me; I got kicked off. So I wasn't ignoring anyone.. it just wouldn't let me stay on. Everytime I got on 4958083849837549857 messages popped up from people and I got kicked off. So I apologize!

WEll, I gotta finish this poster for English 10- (bonus points) and I have to get up earlier tomorrow because I have to ride the bus.. yucccckkkk. Anyways.

Love, the best, and cutest. (wayyy cuter than Beck!)
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