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kellilynn21 (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2005 at 6:49pm
Current mood: content
Music: Crazy- Natalie
Subject: My Birthdays Coming Up:)
*(41 Days Till My Birthday)*

Today was ok. I have a Algebra 2 test tomorrow... Eek. So I have to study for that. Lost is on tonight... 2 hours long though. Lee and Rachael brought me to JordanĎs today after school. I guess she was busy, so I was there by myself. Then my mom picked me up and we werenít and dropped off a couple more applications. I have a interview on Monday for Little Ceasers. Not the biggest or best job, but itís a start and I really need one. Iím kinda excited, wish me luck everyone! Other then that, nothing really to exciting. Iím doing pretty good in school so far, Iím kinda excited about that lol. Even though its only been like 3 weeks, but so far its pretty easy stuff. (knocks on wood). Homecoming is coming up. I donít even have a dress yet, eek. Im going shopping with my mommy this weekend. Iím happy about that. Gotta love shopping with momís, especially mine. Sheís so funny when we go shopping. Anyways thatís all I really got. Leave some comments!

'Ill Be Your Best Kept Secret And Your Biggest Mistake'
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