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moondune22 (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2005 at 6:40pm
Current mood: depressed
OMG my life is so shitty right now. my mom doesnt want me any more. my boyfriend is acting like he wants to break up with me he hates my guts right now i cut myself again on my stomach. and my mom is trying to kick me out and i have no where to go. zac today wrote me a note saying that my world revolves around him and that i sit in my closet and cry over him until he calls, bullshit he dosent know half the stuff i do. he said that i reallyh need to get a life well he really needs to fuck off. im sorry my mood should be changed to pissed now lol. but anyhways zac just really needs to back off me. i think we should break up but he would be like no no no we cant do that i love you too much but there is this guy in my spanish class and he is really cute and he has already said that i was pretty and thatr is so cute for him to say. he isnt half bad looking either. oops better stop talking about guys zac will hurt me. lol any ways i gotta go. pete if yoiu are reading this i miss you and we need to get together i get my drivers lisence's in december. so i will come pick youj up!!!!
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