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bleedingheart (profile) wrote,
on 9-24-2005 at 10:08pm
Current mood: diffrent
Subject: home on a saturday night
Wish0nAstar7: hey girl
silentxragdoll: hey girl
Wish0nAstar7: i think i just sang the abc's and twinkle twinkle like 30 times literally
silentxragdoll: since i stayed home tonight i got popsicles. so thats a plus. and i got tylenol p.m
Wish0nAstar7: lol
Wish0nAstar7: haha
silentxragdoll: so i'll be passed out in an hour
Wish0nAstar7: lol
silentxragdoll: at least i still got kelly on my saturday night
Wish0nAstar7: haha
Wish0nAstar7: so true
Wish0nAstar7: you lucky girl;-)
silentxragdoll: i know. i'm so thankful
silentxragdoll: so my popsicles have jokes. yeah they are corny... but can be entertaining
Wish0nAstar7: go for it
silentxragdoll: where is a good place to put your t.v?
silentxragdoll: in a remote area
silentxragdoll: i didnt like that one. ha
Wish0nAstar7: lol
silentxragdoll: i just got that joke 2 times in a row. lame
Wish0nAstar7: lol
silentxragdoll: so. i'm jaming to a song called 'gimme that pussy'.....
silentxragdoll: hott
Wish0nAstar7: hahah ssseeexxxyyy
silentxragdoll: you bet
silentxragdoll: theres a party in my pants and your invited!
Wish0nAstar7: omg
silentxragdoll: ha
Wish0nAstar7: no way !!!!
Wish0nAstar7: fuck, im so excited now
silentxragdoll: you better be girl. its the best damn party you'll ever go to in your life
Wish0nAstar7: duhh
Wish0nAstar7: i figured that one out
Wish0nAstar7: im just excited to get there
silentxragdoll: no girl you get v.i.p
Wish0nAstar7: i better
Wish0nAstar7: no sloppy seconds for this one
silentxragdoll: fresh and pure right hurr
Wish0nAstar7: yesss!
silentxragdoll: what do pigs put into there computers?..sloppy dics
silentxragdoll: lame
silentxragdoll: next
Wish0nAstar7: HAHA
Wish0nAstar7: that was funny
silentxragdoll: glad i can entertain u
silentxragdoll: this one it better.
Wish0nAstar7: yesss score
silentxragdoll: what did that girl melon say to the boy melon?
silentxragdoll: we're to young we cantaloupe
silentxragdoll: hah i like it
Wish0nAstar7: hahha
Wish0nAstar7: thats a good one
Wish0nAstar7: did u mean *were to young to cantaloupe
silentxragdoll: nope
silentxragdoll: thats what i thought to when i read it
Wish0nAstar7: lol
Wish0nAstar7: they sound like some ghetto ass melon
Wish0nAstar7: we cantelouple bitches
silentxragdoll: ahahaha
Wish0nAstar7: thats what there saying
silentxragdoll: i love you kelly
Wish0nAstar7: lol
Wish0nAstar7: i love you too

i love this girl<3
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