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ImUgly (profile) wrote,
on 9-26-2005 at 3:36pm
Music: tequila sunrise(cypress hill)
Subject: just smile and take the picture
i'm supposed to be doing my school work, but i havent written in here in a while, so i decided ill do that instead. ill write anything that comes to mind, because there's nothing to tell about what ive been up to lately. mom is on her way to the airport to pick up the president of mountain view college because hes here to visit. i think she's known him since they were kids or something like that. its amazing how my mom still keeps in touch with like everyone she knew. im not like that. if i havent talked to someone in a few months, i just say "k, thats it" and never bother with it again. i had to clean the house yesterday. i had a bird cage and two rat cages to clean. that took about 3 hours in the hot sun and now i have a tan line. the guy is staying in my room for the next couple of days, and ill be in laurie's room. i did a really good job of moving my stuff into her room, but now her room is a huge mess. i guess ill have to work on that next. i traded brett my black box shelves for two 50-inch posters. pretty good deal. just that i dont have enough wall for them. lol. my room was originally an office. all i have space for is my queensize bed, my armaur, and my desk. the places on the walls are covered by: my dads diploma, a bulletin board, an extra large hed(pe) shirt, some band stickers, and a WWII cloth poster. after cleaning, i went to the flea market to get my bird's wings and nails clipped. i think ill move her out of the garage into my room on thursday. teach her a few new words. i really need to do my work now.
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