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Beagle147 (profile) wrote,
on 9-28-2005 at 8:28am
Subject: Vote Gator Impact Party!
So. Yeah, not much has been going on. I have just kind of been trying to get through this week so it would be this weekend. At the same time, I know that's bad to do, because the sooner this weekend comes, the sooner it is over. I just kind of want to get out of Gainesville for a few days. I think I will feel a lot better coming back. Either that or I will feel worse and will be in even more dog withdrawl. Don't get me wrong, I'm having a good time in college and it's better than high school and blah blah blah. But next year is going to be seriously awesome. Atleast I am through the awkward few weeks of getting acquainted. That was not fun. Now I pretty much have an (or a few) established group(s) of friends, and I have a schedule down for sleeping, working, socializing, etc. I really am a lot happier when I have a lot of structure, and college is the first time (although I didn't realize it until I got here) where a structure isn't assigned to you. There's no Ms. Kelly telling me what classes to take and no band practice telling me how to spend my afternoons. I just do what I want, when I want. Which has resulted in me sleeping a lot. I like sleeping. The thing is, I have no afternoon classes, with the exception of thursdays. Monday and tuesday I have class until 10:40 and then no class until 6:15. So I come home, I eat breakfast, I watch the price is right, and I sleep until four. Wednesday and friday I'm done with classes altogether at 10:40. So I come home, I eat breakfast, I watch the price is right, and I sleep until four. It's really a great system. Because I'm most productive later at night. This way I get about 8-9 hours of sleep each day, it's just in two installments. So I go to bed at 2 and wake up for class, then I get another 3-4 hours of sleep in the afternoon. It also prevents the days from really dragging on. Because in the early afternoon there really isn't anything to do. I don't feel like doing work, because again, I am much more productive between the hours of 12-3 AM, and it's not like I can go hang out somewhere with people, most are in classes during that time. It's just very nice.

In other news, I find myself too often living in the future. I already have a pretty good idea of the classes I want to take next semester, and I have tentative planned living arrangements for next year. Man, if my roommate doesn't get into UF, it's going to suck. We have such a good plan going. She likes Sasha and doesn't mind Trixie, and we both decided at the same time how awesome it would be to have a kitten. So a few weeks after school starts next year we're going to go down to Gainesville Pet Rescue and adopt a kitten. Our appartment will be a zoo. Craziness. But regardless of whether or not she gets in, I'm still going to live in an appartment with sasha, and hopefully kitty. I really think it's going to be awesome to be able to take her to prevet meetings, and go to the dog park, and everything there is to do up here. So many places to walk. And I think next year I will hardly be homesick at all. I do miss my parents, but not that much. I talk to them a few times a week. Right now I mostly miss my dog and my friends. And next year it won't matter if I go home, my friends won't be there. They'll mostly all be in college too. Crazy juniors, growing up. Anyway, where this started was, I am more nervous for my roomie getting into college than I was getting into college. I always knew I had UF to fall back on, but it's really borderline for her, so let's all pray that the UF gods smile on her and she can move to the bougan in the fall.

So, recent events. Today is student government voting, and the whole campus has gone insane. I have been attacked approached three times in Turlington plaza by representatives of the Gator and Impact parties. And once at the Reitz. I really don't think I'm going to vote though, only because I don't think I've made up my own mind. In the presidential election I had no problem voting, because the candidates' platforms were so well publicized. These people don't even have platforms, it's just the parties, and even those platforms are so similar that it wouldn't matter who won. I think also I've been really swayed by The Alligator, and I don't want them to have made my mind up for me either. The editorial section of that newspaper is so one-sided it's insane. So I really think I'm going to leave voting up to the more informed than I. I don't know, maybe when I'm over at the reitz after class I'll vote. If there's not a line. I'm going over to the Reitz today anyway because it's the study abroad fair. I really think I'm going to be spending some time over there. I want to go to Ireland or Australia. Somewhere where they speak english. What I really really want to do is get an internship with the Australia Zoo, but I doubt that will happen. I don't think I want to study abroad right now anyway. I think I'm going to try to get a job at Boca Greens vet this summer, and maybe also work at camp. That way I'll have a pretty good bank role coming into next year, when I have to buy furniture and pay electric bills and such. We'll see how it all works out. The prevet club is promoting a trip to Belize, to work in the rainforest and stuff. That sounds intriguing, and I may look into it. This prevet club is effing awesome, I love it. Last meeting Dr. Brendemuhl (sp?!?!) spoke. He's the Animal Sciences guy. He talked mostly about vet school applications, and I spoke to him afterwards to ask what kind of stuff I could get a head start on to give me an edge in getting in. Cross your fingers. First things first: get an A in 2045. That's not really going as planned. Boy am I glad I switched out of 2046. Man. Eh, it's not like I'm failing. I have a B. And we drop our lowest test. So it's not impossible, I really just have to start to work harder. We took a quiz today in discussion (quizzes at 7:25 AM are NOT cool.) and it was hella easy. So I'm pretty sure I got a 100 on it, which will definitely help my grade. Plus all the OWL and clicker points. Yeah. I also have to raise my grade in TV. That almost hurts to say. Stupid TV and American Society, who thought that would screw me over? Problem was I was expecting the test to be a piece of cake, but she put things on it like a quote and we had to say who said it. It was rediculous. But again, we drop a test in that class too, so as long as I do better on all the others, and keep doing all the extra credit, I should be able to squeak out a 4.0. God willing.

Alright, kiddies, speaking of TV and American Society, it's time for me to go learn about the portrayals of groups on television. Yay. Later.
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