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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 9-29-2005 at 8:04am
Current mood: busy
Music: no music, tooooo early
Subject: Lack Of Updates !
ok I been slacking again, so sorry, hah. Nothing new going on, was on the news last friday cuz some moron fliped his tri-axel. Work is the same old shit just a new day kinda thing, nothing exciting. I guess we can discuss Rita since it hit a few days ago. I was kinda upset that Rita dropped from a 5 to like a 3 when it hit, I wanted to see mass death and chaos again. It gives me a great laugh when I see God say "hey, you sin, you loose, bitch". well maybe he doesn't say that but still Rita did fair amount of damage, I just would like to have seen more like Katrina. So your gonna say oh kunta, you heartless bastard and Im gonna say, those people had there chance to leave and get far away but oh no they stayed like stupid mother fucking southern pricks they are. enough bout that whole mess, it too early for me to get fired up yet. Its like 814 and I gotta go to work at 9 for another non-exciting day. this past work week has sucked because I requested the 1st and 2nd off to go to a wedding in ohio. Im gonna get plastered off my ass and hit on every braidsmaid. I don't care if there ugly or not, f it.
im out, so enjoy your wonderful day
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