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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 9-30-2005 at 10:55am
Current mood: exanimate
Music: nada
Subject: in school
whoa havent updated this ish in mad long.
who does these anymore anyway? its pretty pointless.
i guess i should do this when i get home cause im in the middle of fourth and we get out in a few minutes. id rather not get into something thats worth updating in here. idk when the last time i updated was but im sure it was a while ago. i took a glance at it the other day when i was in here but not the date. im sure nobody is planning on reading it but me or someone i tell to so it doesnt really matter when i get to it. if i do at all..
so lifes been pretty um.. eventful? in the least, this past month. a lot of things have happend and its added up. but like i sad id rather not get into it at the moment so im just gonna ramble on to pass time.
i remember when these were being used regularly people put their schedules so here goes:
first: health then gym j118? taylor
homeroom e1O6 meltzer
second: math d1O1 steel
third: fashion design =/ b2O2? densten
fourth: forensic psych a1OO shaw
fifth: history e1O3 walker
sixth: lunch
seventh: english f1O5 lee
eighth: physical science j116? brosios

so im done. ill yeah ill do something about this later.

i♥my best friends.
jgepab hahaha. you knoww.
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