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NNY (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2005 at 4:17pm
Current mood: Yay!!!
Music: Listen to your heart... WHEN HE'S CALLING FOR YOU!!!!
Yay! Well, homecoming came and went in a blur of festivities. I got a dress, and my #1 homie Lynne helped pick it out and the pretty jewelry that went with it. It was all yellow and sparkly, a little low-cut, but still pretty! ^.^ Also, it was the only yellow dress there so you could find me easily. I went to a before homecoming party with all my G's that go to other schools and they all looked REALLY PRETTY! >.< We had some good time, and laughed, and ate. Then we went on to the dance, and had fun flying out our ears (HAR HAR!). I got pictures of people that I can easily use as blackmail, and I saw my sister make and idiot of herself. Yes, it was great. I mostly danced with Lynne and Emily, which was kinda awkward at first because non of us has ever really danced before, but we soon got into it and had sun dancing around like loser Freshman. Also, this idiot boy who we call Muffin was stalking Lynne the whole time, moping around like a loser. He was all depressed because she hates his guts and she brought someone besides him to the dance and he was all alone. So, I tried to be nice and invited him to dance with Emily and I, but he just went to Lynne and said, "I don't want to dance with your friends." Fine then. I guess I just won't be nice to his sorry ass anymore. But anyway, yup. Lynne slow danced with her date, but it ended after about a minute because the two are really just friends... And he kept going from her to another girl anyway. -_-; All in all, it was fun. I can't wait till next years!

Did anyone watch FMA yesterday? I'm so confused! ARGH! I wonder how my cos-play costume is going... Well, later internet peeps.
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