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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 10-2-2005 at 4:28pm
Ok so this would be a reply to Jessica's wonderful comment but I dunno how long I'll decide to complain so here it goes:

The giants are assholes and theyre beating up on poor Snow again. They are reportedly seeking a lefthanded first baseman for next season.. THey are dumbasses though because Snow is a fucking lefthanded first fucking baseman! Just cause they designed a fucking ball park that would not be good for Snow's swing at all they decide to get rid of him! WELL FUCK THAT! AFTER ALL HES GIVEN TO THIS TEAM. HES SHOWED UP TO THOSE SHITTY CHARITY EVENTS! HES GIVEN 5000 DOLLARS WORTH THE SEATS FOR EVERY HOME GAME THATS ON A SUNDAY TO POOR KIDS! FUCKING FUCK THAT SHIT! The GIants don't deserve Snow..hes too good for them and he needs to go somewhere that will appreciate him more. I just hope that wherever he goes is near by so I can watch the games. If it isn't I'll take the $144 out of my England savings account to pay for the special baseball channels with games from around the league on them.

Today was the last game of the season and they picked him to speak on behalf of the team. He said how he wished the season had turned out differently and that he was sorry about that but he appreciated all the support from the fans and all the love they give the team. Then I started crying because he said "See ya next year and we'll try to do it better." ITs like "DUDE NO YOU WONT SEE US NEXT YEAR BECAUSE YOU WONT BE A FUCKING GIANT NEXT YEAR! YOU'LL BE A FUCKING NEW YORK MET OR WHATEVER! AND THE GIANTS WILL BE GLAD YOUR GONE NEVERMIND HOW THE REST OF THE FUCKING BAY AREA FEELS OR EVEN HOW ALL THE GIANTS FANS ACROSS THE COUNTRY FEEL!" Hes such a great player. I'm gonna cry again just thinking about it. HE told the Giants announcers that no matter where he is next year he'll always be a Giant in his heart. I thought that was very touching and wonderful as well. I love J.T. Snow. hes the best that there will ever be at first base or any fucking position!

bye bye. :(
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