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spacietraci (profile) wrote,
on 10-6-2005 at 1:03pm
so i know its been awhile and last time it was a very short entry, i guess that is what happens when you dont have the internet and you try to get online while you are in class oh well i paid my dues for school.. well we are all settled in are house have been there about 2 weeks and it is home for me. it has taken some time to get used to but its working, im feeling more and more safe every night even when josh and emily are gone. so its been fun anyways.

josh got me a puppy the same week we moved in. she has been very good though, only gone to the bathroom a couple of times in the house, but she is getting better, its soo hard to be mad at her thought. shes getting bigger though every day. im going to miss her being a puppy and being able to pick her up so easiely.

well other than that things have been going well with school and everything i wish i could say the same for work, but i have been stabbed in the back this week so i am really not looking forward to goin to work tonight or this weekend, but courtney and i decided to give it a try i n the new way but in about 2 weeks were goin to have problems and hopefully things go back to how they were or joyce is going to be losing some of her best staff... does she want that??? well i guess we will find out.

been talkin to lauren alot lately :) i miss her but shes coming home soo im soo excited i havent seen here in forever it seems like, so of course were goin to ha ve to do something rather FUN.. alright well i gotta get ready to go to work. so i will talk to everyone later..
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