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breezeyluvsu (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2005 at 9:00pm
BeautifulBrie17: dude we just established that
RoxySurfBabe1892: no we haven't
RoxySurfBabe1892: theres strawberry poptarts and there is also strawberry milkshake popstarts. Theres a difference.
BeautifulBrie17: my bad dogg.
RoxySurfBabe1892: Lol so you haven't had the strawberry milkshake ones?
BeautifulBrie17: yes i have. i just said that i have
RoxySurfBabe1892: But you were talking about the regular strawberry ones
RoxySurfBabe1892: jeez
BeautifulBrie17: but i thought you were talking about the sameone
RoxySurfBabe1892: no
BeautifulBrie17: i was not
BeautifulBrie17: the strawberry milkshake poptarts
RoxySurfBabe1892: lol
RoxySurfBabe1892: im lost
RoxySurfBabe1892: so you have had both of the strawberry poptarts. got it.

Oh man~
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