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Shoe23 (profile) wrote,
on 10-11-2005 at 6:35pm
Well... it would have been an entire month tomorrow if I were to not update right now. I know some of you are disappointed my not updating. Atleast those of you who depend on reading this to know what is going on and how I am doing and... everything. Whatever.

Anyway... I have the best person in my life ever right now. I love you!

Yeah... but, my grades are bad... I have three C's, 2 D's and a F. Yay! I'm a smart one.

Fall Break starts after classes Wednesday and I have Thursday and Friday off. That'll be nice but I know it will go way too fast for me to even know it happened. Ohh well, that's life!

So.. that's really about all I have to say. Patti, sorry I've not replied to your e-mails, I will soon. Tiff, I miss you so much... I hope I see you soon! Evan, Ellen, anyone else that still reads this... I miss you all too. Hopefully I'll see you soon. So yeah, that's really all. Hope you all have a good day and night and month until the next time I update.
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