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purplesmurfs (profile) wrote,
on 10-12-2005 at 10:33am
Given you my everything
Wore myself weak and sick
Just to keep you happy
Apparently I didn't do my job
Either that or you're hard to please
Wonder if you'll ever realize
She's bad for you, before I give up
Before I decide to turn around
And go away for good
I'll give you another chance
Before I get on that plane
If you can't se she's bad for you
I'll be taking flight a on a 747
A oneway trip to heartbreak
Ready to crash and burn
I've got the spot picked out
It's calling my name, been waiting for me
Standing at the terminal
Hoping you're there to keep me here
But if you're maybe I'll see you again
When you find out she's bad for you
And you crash and burn
You know the place
It's where we first met
I'll be there waiting
To piece you back together
When you crash and burn
If you want to save us both
Meet me at the terminal
It's your last chance.
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