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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 10-12-2005 at 3:39pm
Current mood: creative
Music: Gackt - Dispar
Subject: Eight Tiny Stones
I was in an odd mood the other night after winding down from my spout of fury. I sat in my room listening to the album 'Dead Heart In a Dead World' by Nevermore. Good disc.

I started writing. Lyrics/poetry type. I sat there for a couple hours and wrote a few pieces. After that I went to bed.

I woke up this morning and after a while I sat back down to write more and put on Gackt's new album 'Diabolos'. Which in my opinion kicks ass. It's one of his best. Anyway. I continued to write.

I have eight pieces that all seem to flow into each other. Well, sort of. Some I think not at all, but a few seem to. It's a little collection I've titled 'Chapter 1: Chloroform Revelations' ... Titles of the lyrics/poems are as follows... (As if you care.)

[I:] The Decreation Of Self-Remnants
[II:] The Hollow
[III:] The Ephemeral Dream
[IV:] The Laughter
[V:] The Gallery
[VI:] The Collapse and Revision
[VII:] The Second Ignition
[VIII:] The Waking Soul

I need to rework 'The Laughter'... It's kind of unfinished. I wrote part of it badly in my opinion. The words and stuff I used. And once I fix that I'll probably type them up and get them on here somewhere. Probably jot them down over at Fiction Press and Deviant ART. I guess I'll post them in one long/huge journal entry too. So no one has to crawl all over the web in search.

Yeah. With all that said and done...

I'm gone.
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