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chain-wolf (profile) wrote,
on 10-12-2005 at 5:34pm
Music: Android Lust - Amnion
Subject: If The Words On a Page Ever Gave A Damn...
Song: Default - One Thing Remains

You ever just want to sit down and just type, or write, or whatever? When you really don't have a reason to do it at all. You've said all there was to say earlier in the day. So what else do you have to talk about? There are always those little things on your mind and all the secret things you'll never admit to or talk about. Things no one should know, and that no one would care to know. Maybe you just want to ramble on about useless things that people will end up not reading once they get to a certain point of intep babble. Ah hell, they could be bored and read your entire pointless rant. I don't know. I guess right at this moment I am putting off finishing up my second project for my Graphics class.

Song: Gorillaz - Kids With Guns

For this project we had to look at some magazine adds of our choice. And then looked at it from a designer or engineers point of view I guess. Like, before they put all the shit on the add they have a layout or something... So, we pretty much turn the text into lines or whatever, images into shapes and concepts. Pretty much ending up with a black and white layout looking thing. Kinda odd to explain without something to look at and say, oh.. that's what y'mean.

Turning his head to monsters... turning his head to fire...
Drinking out. Pascifier. ...... Hm hm hm. Kids with guns.
Easy does it, easy does it........


Song: Ljungblut - Twirl

October is goin' by at a moderate pace. I've got an orthodontist appointment on Monday. I need to talk to the guy about getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I only have three coming in. But I had to pull teeth to get braces. They had to pull a tooth forward too. And now with the wisdom teeth crowding, that tooth is moving backward... I'm a bit freaked out. I lost my retainer.. havn't had it in since Saturday night. I can feel my tooth back further than the others, but still align with the rest thankfully. $110 for a new retainer. A piece of plastic. It's fucking insane. And dumb. Bah. ... And mom is low on money this time of year. $500 to get the oil tank half filled to heat the house. $160 to fix the heater pump so we could heat the house. $120 to fix the washer machine. $110 for my sister's retainer that she also lost 'cause she's a dumb blond. I was drunk and really stoned and don't remember where I put mine. I could've eaten it for all I know. XD .... $1000+ for college for me and Matt, our classes. $210 for art supplies for me for my class. Around $150 a month for food and stuffs. Probably a ton of other crap I can't think of right now, but yeah... But anyway. I feel SO bad about losing my retainer and mom having to pay. Grr... I'll give up Christmas presents for a retainer. I want good teeth.

That moves me onto the subject of holidays. I don't care about them. Lets start from January and move to December! =D

Song: Voltaire - God Thinks

January: New Years. I don't give a damn. Just an excuse to drink a shit ton and pass the fuck out. Woot. Good holiday.
February: Valentines Day. I no longer care. I've left my heart out on the curb and its been stepped on and ran over. I ain't got no valentine, and ain't no one gonna pick me... the holiday just seems so Grade School to me. It's pointless really. You can tell your spouse or girl you love them ANYDAY.
March, April, May, June... Easter is in there somewhere. I don't really want to explain it. It's Easter. It sucks ass. IT's a RETARDED Christian holiday to keep the kids interested. How do you get chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, crucifiction, ressurection and that shitty green plastic tinsel grass in the basket?! Fuck... did Jesus love rabbits or something? I bet he fucked rabbits. Rabbit fucker. DIRTY RABBIT FUCKING JEW. .... Oh, yeah. I hate Jesus. =D Prick!
July: 4th. Another excuse to drink some beer and set off explosives. All at the same time. Another dumb holiday. But whatever. I ain't a patriot. Fireworks... I don't care.
August, September... N/A.
October: Halloween. Ok, who doesn't like this Holiday? I don't care how old you are. You can dress up all fucked up and cool and steal candy from kids! Or just... try and go door to door. I'm short, so.. heh. Rawr.
November: Thanksgiving. Fuck you. What do I have to be thankful for? A retarded holiday I havn't celebrated for about six years now. You eat and eat more. IT's disgusting. And more so, pointless now a'days.
December: Christ.. er.. X-Mas! Last year I started to hate this holiday. This year I really do hate it. I don't like getting gifts from people cause I never have money to buy anyone anything so fuck it. IT's a religious holiday. I don't need to celebrate it. I don't need to waste my money. I can buy a gift for someone at anytime.

Song: Scarling - The Last Day I Was Happy

I asked Ash if I could have my NINJA hoodie back. She said she'd either drop by and give it to me if she had time or just give it to my sister at school. Last night anyway, she said she'd give it to my sis today. Looks like she forgot, 'cause my sis didn't bring it home. Or maybe she did give it to Shaina (my sis).. and maybe my dumb sister didn't bring it home. Heh. I bash on my sis all the time, she's actually pretty cool some of the time. Though, annoying mostly. But whatever. Good at keeping secrets from mom. ^_^

Clicking back and forth from talking to someone I ain't talked to in ages on AOL, to writing .. uh.. whatever the fuck this is. Pointless ramble of crap going on in my life I guess. Rawr.

Song: Gackt - Dispar

Woot. I love this song. =D

In other news; my right pinky knuckle is still bruised from hitting my monitor. I really need to stop hitting at an angle like I do. Ugh. Oh well. My bad I guess. .... Hm. Seems I am running out of shit to type! Oop. The song changed again. Rawr.

Song: Killing Heidi - I Am

And I don't know. 6:20pm. ... I made myself french toast for dinner. Made most of the upper house smokey too 'cause I burnt a couple pieces a bit cause I don't cook french toast often. I'm even worse when it comes to pancakes. Heh. Like... way,way worse. I suck with pancakes. Oh well. ... I got Laurell K. Hamilton's "Incubus Dreams" on paper back a few days ago. I love the Anita Blake series. Probably cause I'm obsessed with werewolves and werecreatures. Woot.

Song: 10 Years - Fault Line

Can't wait till the first few months of 2006. She's writing a book just for one of the other main-ish characters in the Anita storyline, and another book for the series. 'Micah', and 'Danse Macabre' ..... So, yay! ........... God damn I really need to get on my homewor.... er... I have to piss. .... BRB.

Song: Ayumi Hamasaki - Because Of You

And I'm back. Yep, yep. ... I really don't know what else to talk about right now. Maybe I'll just do another one of these long pointless things later on when I know what else I want to babble on about. Maybe get some stuff off my chest? Heh. Not like I'm brooding over anything. Hm. Random chicks from Sandy still trying to hang out with me. Have my home phone numer now, thanks to Matt. Oi ... Whatever. ... Nothing more to say about Ash. Hm. ... Dai's going out with Mary; no real surprise there. Blah, blah, blah. Oh! On the way home from school yesterday when me 'n Matt left early we saw Sarah on the way back into Estacada. She's a cool friend. Said she'd come stay the night Thursday. Well, about eight last night she knocks on the door and I answer it. She's so completely drunk that she can't ride the bus home, so, I let her stay over. Me being a good friend. ^_^ ... I took care of her. She threw up about fourteen times; all in the toilet though, so that's good. I got her water and helped her read shit when she wanted to check her MySpace. Ect, ect. She finally passed out, and that's when I went into my room to start writing the short eight poem compilation 'Chapter 1: Chloroform Revelations' ...

Song: Mad At Gravity - Keroseen

Apparently Adam came over last night, way later it must've been after I went to bed. Him 'n Matt woke me up this morning jumping on my bed at like 9am. Matt holds me up, and Adam stuffs his bong under my face and lights it. What a fucking way to wake up. Had a nice few hits of that. Woke the fuck up. Heh. Everyone went back to bed. At about 10:30am Sarah left to go home. Adam left later for work. His computer still here.. so he probably staying the night again.

Song: Nightwish - Romanticide

Guess that is all for now?

Song: Dark Tranquillity - In Sight

Yeah... that's it.

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