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spacietraci (profile) wrote,
on 10-13-2005 at 10:27am
so another week has passed basicaly and i still have managed to get the internet at my house, but then again i dont want to spend the 60 dollars a month so i have just been using the computers at school to get on line, yes im sitting in class right now supposly working on my english paper, oh well,

well my puppy is doing very well i think she is almost house brokin i really really hope so anyways. i started to paint my computer room yesterday its going to be orange and yellow, you know my favorite colors anyways. but other than that things are going well and everything. Josh and i went and saw maddie yesterday she is getting so big though, she's soo much fun though, i believe on saturday were all going to the apple orchard so that shall be fun .

my birthady is coming up like in 15 days very exciting anyways. and i beleive nick is trying to cme home that weekend soo i am v ery exciting i miss him soo much soooo much. i havent talked to bdin either lately kinda wondering if everything is alright with him.. i missss him too he should be coming home sooon.. and kane how can ya not miss her... she just KANE!!! loves too alll three of u and hopefully u all come home sooooon .. :)
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